Project Graphite

“Project Graphite” is an HTC Vive physics-puzzle game. Through VR, the player explores through the activity of throwing pencils. The pencil tip will naturally stick into most surfaces, and interact with various objects around the room. For instance, hitting a boombox will play music, hitting a window will shatter it, hitting a light fixture (with enough velocity) will cause it to fall. The player assumes the role of a student in an unsupervised classroom, and they may use the pencils on a nearby desk to wreck havoc around the room. Eventually, the FBI notices the player’s experience, and they are swept away to train and fight off a force of invading aliens using their pencil-throwing skills. The game's core values were discovery and expression.
Created in Unity by Isaac Buckley, Lci Iarocci, Will Pyle, and Josh Gleason
MICA, Spring 2017
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